Why Does Law Add Ya to Names

The law does not refer to some of them by name. He uses their nicknames, such as Luffy “Strawhat-ya” or Sanji “Blackleg-ya”, or using his own invented nicknames, such as Usopp “Nose-ya”, Franky “Robo-ya” and Brook “Bone-ya”. However, he refers to Zoro and Nami by their first names, calls them Zoro-ya and Nami-ya and Chopper and Robin by their surnames, and calls them Tony-ya and Nico-ya. [40] You are translated into English by Mr. or Miss. But in Japanese, adding ya defines a person`s profession. It`s not that Law doesn`t use ~-san at all, as with Corazon and sarcastically with Vergo. As shown on this page. He and Bepo have an extremely close relationship, having met during their childhood on Swallow Island and Law protected the mink bear when he was bullied by Shachi and Penguin. Out of gratitude and admiration, Bepo Law swore allegiance and became one of the co-founders of the Heart Pirates, who served as Law`s navigator. Bepo doesn`t care about Law lying on his soft body.

Law also allows him to carry his Nodachi for himself. Bepo happily kissed Law as he gathered in Zou. Present Law is an extremely relaxed but intriguing man who almost always smiles calmly when not put in a tense situation. Since Law is not eager to confront potential enemies directly, he prefers to be patient and act only when the time is right, stay away from unnecessary conflicts, and wait for a valuable opportunity to achieve his goals, such as his conscious decision not to rush his entry into the New World and his subsequent promotion to the Seven Warlords of the Sea. While Law doesn`t like to start or be involved in riots that might attract unwanted attention, he likes to watch the chaos initiated by others, such as a fight between two other super-recruits or the destruction that straw-hat pirates brought to the human auction house in the Sabaody archipelago. [19] So why does Law use ya instead of ~-san, ~-kun, etc. when addressing others? Law seems to have doubts about Ruffy`s reliability and carefree attitude. When Luffy let Caesar fly instead of capturing him as he should, Law realized that he knew he shouldn`t have formed an alliance with him and tried to capture Caesar himself. However, after placing his trust in Usopp and Nami to neutralize the deranged scientist, which they did, Luffy expressed his satisfaction that Luffy was keeping his share of their agreement. [42] He also later disagrees with Ruffy`s decision to throw a party instead of leaving Punk Hazard, believing they were still vulnerable, although he reluctantly joins them and stews with Smoker. Although Law has hinted that he wants to “use” Luffy in the formation of the Alliance due to the great unpredictability and ambition of the Straw Hats, he feels more like the one being used. [41] The use of ~-san, ~-kun, ~-sama to address other people is common in Japanese culture.

But Law uses ya as a suffix when addressing people, as in the nicknames Strawhat-ya for Luffy and Blackleg-ya for Sanji, and in the real names Zoro-ya, Nami-ya and Nico-ya. The real question is how the hell Funimation is going to translate that. There is not really a good translation. The mere fact of adding Mr. or Miss does not have quite the same meaning or implication. Law, of course, doesn`t use the polite -san address marker because he`s rude little. This brings me to what I believe is the first time he uses it chronologically, which (assuming you consider it canon) in the novel Law set just after Law`s escape from Minion Island, where Cora died. He doesn`t use -ya at all during his manga flashbacks. In the novel, however, he is saved by a man, Wolf, who mostly creates worthless inventions. This leads Law to call it Garakuta-ya, where “garakuta” means garbage, garbage. Implies that his profession is to create waste.

I think that`s a pretty good illustration in context, how does the suffix work? And if you look at the canon of the novels, you get the additional characterization of this habit that law is originally a child`s thing, which fits well. Although his life was saved by Rosinante, Law remains incredibly hardened by his tragic past as an adult, leading to several rumors portraying him as a cold, heartless man. Scratchmen Apoo explained that Law was known for his cruelty, and one of Smoker`s men claimed that he had cut off the hearts of a hundred pirates and sent them to the government to obtain the position of warlord of the sea. [2] In battle, Law is sarcastically merciful and uses his powers to maim his enemies without mortally wounding them before mocking their bodies. After sharing Tashigi in the same way, his only reaction was contempt and ruthlessly ignored Tasigi`s pride and honor as a swordsman (through a statement he borrowed from Doflamingo). He even offered to knock her down if she really wanted to die urgently. [22] Other than that, many of Law`s moments of callousness come more from pragmatism and a desire not to face burdens and distractions that could complicate his goals, describing Punk Hazard`s kidnapped children as such. [24] Law is very direct about people and generally does not care about apologies or apologies for his words and actions. [23] [22] D: Like “Mugiwara-ya”, Law-san tends to call people with the suffix “-ya”, but if the person`s last name is “Tsuchiya”, does it become “Tsuchiya-ya”? Please tell me Law-san` P.N. HeartLoveWoman During the Wano Country arc, the only thing that deeply worries Law is Ruffy`s tendency to get into trouble, and he even reprimanded Luffy for complicating Kin`emon`s plan because of his desire to do good.

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