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“The team is competent and always tackles problems at the right time and in the right way. They have a very reasonable approach to strategy, taking into account all relevant factual and legal factors. Chambers Europe is one of Europe`s leading lawyers and law firms and provides valuable market analysis and insights to law firms and lawyers. Observers noted that the government had breached its constitutional obligations by abandoning the May vote without a formal process, and in September 2020, an administrative court ruled that the prime minister had violated the law when he tried to transfer election administration to the post office. In May 2021, the country`s Court of Audit (NIK) accused senior officials of trying to organize mail-in voting without a legal basis and at a cost to taxpayers of nearly $20 million. The government has repeatedly defended the legality of its actions. Chambers Europe 2022 Key Ranking Statistics Find out which law firms have the highest number of department rankings in the 2022 edition of the guide and analyse their legal coverage and ideas. In October 2021, parliament allowed border guards to forcibly turn back migrants who entered the country illegally.

This law was adopted in response to the political and humanitarian crisis along the Polish-Belarusian border, where Belarusian security forces blocked migrants who then crossed the Polish border illegally. The situation, apparently orchestrated by Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, has imprisoned thousands of migrants between the two countries; It is estimated that in 2021, about 20 migrants died in the border area. Human rights organizations, including the United Nations, have been denied access to the border area and Polish authorities have been accused of endangering the well-being and lives of migrants with this policy of “illegal push-backs”. In December, the European Commission proposed measures to allow for the temporary extension of asylum procedures and the acceleration of deportations. This year, there has been significant engagement from mid-market law firms in a number of jurisdictions, including Italy and Poland. In Spain, the Corporate/M&A table has been divided into two distinct legal rankings: High-End Capability and Mid-Market. “The team understands the importance of providing legal support quickly and efficiently. They aim to solve problems and think inside and outside the legal box.

Poland`s electoral framework and its implementation have generally ensured free and fair elections, although legislative changes introduced in 2017-2018 have increased the potential for political influence over cars, administer elections, and monitor party finances, including the power to withhold state subsidies. Previously, the nine members of the cars were appointed by the courts. Since the start of the new legislature in December 2019, seven members will now be elected by parliament. As the largest parliamentary group, the PiS was allowed to appoint a maximum of three members, but was also able to influence the member chosen by the Constitutional Court (TK), which is currently headed by PiS judges. The new Commission was officially confirmed by President Duda in January 2020. Civilians are largely immune to extrajudicial violence, although some cases of ill-treatment by police have been alleged in the context of anti-government protests.

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